Physician-recommended, Dodecin™ has twelve ingredients shown to address pain and inflammation.


Make today the day you find relief fom lower back pain, muscle pain, joint pain and arthritis pain.


Dodecin is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, developed by a physician, who—like you—is a chronic pain sufferer. After suffering a back injury that resulted in chronic debilitating pain, Dr. Robert Bynum tried all the common treatments, including two medical procedures and an extended trial-and-error regimen of prescribed medications—and their undesirable side effects.  When nothing worked, Dr. Bynum set out to develop his own solution. Dodecin is a supplement made of 12 Natural Ingredients, each chosen for its specific ability to address the complex spectrum of the causes of pain, with no side effects.


Lower back pain, muscle and joint pain as well as pain from arthritis is generally brought on because of inflammation. Recent research shows that inflammation is caused by the body's activation of the NF-kB molecule. The ingredients in Dodecin have been shown to block the body's creation of the NF-kB molecule and reduce inflammation. 


Dodecin is manufactured in a certified facility, undergoing pre- and post- manufacturing tests to ensure quality and ingredient accuracy. This ensures you are getting the highest quality product, which contains no contaminants. 

Make today the day you take control of your pain and try Dodecin.


Why Dodecin™? 

  1. Formulated by a practicing physician.
  2. Made from turmeric and 11 other natural ingredients. 
  3. Manufactured in the United States by an FDA- registered facility.
  4. Tested for purity in an NPA, NSFGMP certified and ISO 9001:2008 facility.
  5. Choice of ingredients supported by clinical practice and research. 


What people are saying

“I have finally found pain relief with Dodecin”
Chris Kellogg radio personality

KPLA 101.5

"I work in a pharmacy so very aware of prescription medications for my arthritis. Unfortunately I had life threatening side effects from them and unable to do much for my severe arthritis of 24 yrs. The last 10 years have been 'tearful'. Our pharmacy started carrying Dodecin and I tried it. By the 5th day I was pain free and continue with complete relief for over 5 weeks now with no side effects. This was a life changing product for me."


"For years, back pain would wake me up at night and seldom was I able to get more than a couple hours of sleep. Now I take Dodecin in the middle of night when I wake up from pain and I am able to go back to sleep and rest."


"I was taking 1000mg of Ibuprofen and 1500mg Tylenol for pain. Not products I wanted to take but needed relief for daily pain from arthritis. I was able to stop both and started Dodecin and remain pain free on Dodecin alone for 6 weeks now. I feel much better about using a natural product that works."

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Dodecin Manufacturing Follows Good Manufacturing Process Guidelines Established By The FDA.

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